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Warm, robust and durable polar fleece sweatshirt in 100% polyester (300 gsm), with well-fitting...meer
Productinformatie "Fleece GO FISHING"

Warm, robust and durable polar fleece sweatshirt in 100% polyester (300 gsm), with well-fitting hood and high collar with protective chin flap. Regular fit.

This rugged technical fleece is built for outdoor life, it is a soft and comfortable fleece with excellent thermal & wicking properties, featuring the best possible insulation against the elements. The outside is smooth and slides easily under a shell jacket and brushed inside for a soft feel against the skin. It protects you from the elements, keep you comfortable, warm and provide mobility, it is practical and durable, no matter the intensity of your activity. It is comfortable wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. It combines the temperature-regulating properties with the durability of polyester.

A high collar provides warmth around the neck, the back is lengthened to keep the lower back and rear warm. The sleeve cuffs have elastic binding and thumbholes, a detail that stops sleeves from riding up and exposing wrists to the cold. Two large zippered pockets with openings reinforced. Flatlock seams for extra comfort.

Timeless cut with frontal decentralized zip closure, a stylish fleece that can be worn in the outdoors and for everyday activities, all year round. Fashion in harmony with great functionality and protection.

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